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The Regional Assembly includes the representatives of the Region of Murcia that have been freely elected by the people. It constitutes the highest institutional express of their will and wish with regards to the protection of their interests and to the self-governance of their region.The Assembly is based in Cartagena. It held a constitutive sitting on July 15th 1982, when Mr. Carlos Collado Mena and Mr. Andrés Hernández Ros were elected as its first president and as the first president of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, respectively. The Regional Assembly, as a body representing the people of the Region of Murcia, enjoys the following privileges:
  • Inviolability, that guarantees its independence as an institution ensuring the proper performance of their members before other powers.
  • Autonomy, that appears with the power of establishing its Regulations, approving its budget and regulating the status of its members and the regime of the personnel.
  • Continuity of tenure, as its performance must be guaranteed at all times. For this reason, whenever the Assembly is not in session or its term of office has expired, its roles are taken over by the Permanent Delegation, a body in charge of safeguarding its competences.

Our Statute of Autonomy states, under art. 27, that the Regional Assembly will establish its own Regulations in the exercise of its autonomy, requiring a final vote in favour of the majority of the members of the Chamber.The Parliamentary Regulations are defined as regulatory instruments that fulfill an organisational role with regards to the internal affairs of the Chambers, and that regulate the relations between the Parliament and its members in order to achieve a better performance of their functions. These regulations are treated in the same way as enactments and enforceable regulatory provisions, thus allowing a direct objection before the Constitutional Court by means of an action of unconstitutionality.

The existing Regulations of the Regional Assembly were approved by the Chamber in plenary on June 13th 2002, replacing the previous ones of 1998. The Chairman is in charge of their interpretation and of the integration of their legal gaps through the adoption of the corresponding resolutions.